The Custom Closet Consultation: What Do I Need to Know?

You already know you're dying to get one of those beautiful custom closets, but do you know the right questions to ask? There are several reputable companies whose sole job is to assist in designing these closets. However, you can also hire a private carpentry company to do the work. But first, you need to know a few key things when deciding on a company, and the type of closet you're going to be getting.

Q1 - How long have you been designing Custom Closets?

Obviously, the longer the better. You may also want to ask to see a portfolio of their work over the years, including several from the most recent years.

Q2: Is there a warranty?

Should there ever be a problem with any part or piece of your closet, you want to know that you are the one that is going to be taken care of. It might also be worth asking whether or not this warranty applies to any future owners of the home. This would be an important selling point if you're ever trying to re-sell.

Q3: Are you ripping out my old closet?

If so, you must insist they do touch-ups to your wall structure, and redo the painting. It may take a little longer for the installation process, but you should never build over a gaping, unfixed hole in the wall for the sake of saving time.

Q4: Are you using metal, oval wardrobe rods?

You may think an all-wood custom closet is nice looking, but you really want to insist on the company using metal wardrobe rods, as they support more weight and wear less easily. Also, insist on oval-shaped rods, instead of the conventional rounded ones. They add an extra element of strength. For a nice added touch, also insist that the fixtures being used on drawers and handles match the metal rod!

Q5: Are you using thermal-fused or cold-processed melamine?

Melamine is the laminate material most companies are using the construct the custom closet. Thermal-fused melamine is definitely the more durable, more wearable of the two materials, and one you want to make sure your custom closet is made of.

Q6: Will you be using industrial grade particleboard?

If the answer is no, you either want to insist they do, or look for another company...especially if you're not being offered a long-duration warranty. Industrial grade holds the screws and is exponentially thicker.

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