Custom Closets: Customizing Your Garage

If your garage has become the catch-all for every appliance, storage bin, knick-knack and widget, you might be a good candidate for a custom garage organizational unit. Because custom closet companies really know the ins and outs of optimizing space for the most organizational purposes, you'll be far removed from the garage scenario of stacked boxes, oversized plasticware and cheap shelving.

Most companies will come to take an inventory of exactly what you're trying to organize. This means you'll need a major cleanout. While this has been reiterated over and over again, there is no place that needs it more than your garage. Because we tend to put all of our once-in-a while's in our garage, it's important to really assess what we want. Remember, just because you're not choosing it to become a part of your new custom organizer doesn't mean you have to trash it completely. There could be another place for it somewhere in your home, or you could donate it to a good cause.

Your custom garage organizer can be just about whatever way you want it. But ultimately, it will probably consist of large and functional shelving units, cubby holes and cabinets, for things like toys, bikes, and large boxes. Your unit will probably also come with some smaller drawers, cubbies and shelving for things like tools, gardening products and smaller items. If you store any clothing in your garage, make sure to address this with the custom closet company doing the work, as most garage units do not come with wardrobe racks.

Installing a custom-designed garage unit is a great way to get the clutter out of your garage, and start putting your car back in there!

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