Design Your Own Custom Closet!

Have your dream closet envisioned in your head? This might be an option for you! Some custom closet companies now offer the ability to design your own closet. Many even offer this service via an interactive program on the Internet.

Here's how it works. You enter the dimensions of your closet. The interactive interface will then provide you with a template in which you add your virtual shelving, clothing bars, closets, drawers, racks, cubbies and counter space. Once you're satisfied with your design, you submit it to the company. They'll review the design, then set up a consultation with you. Once they arrive for the consultation, they will take a look at exactly what they're working with, and do their best to make your design work! Once you and the company agree on how the custom closet will look, they'll get started on the design revisions and cutting the pieces.

Designing your own custom closet is an especially nice to way to truly personalize your new organizational space to your needs. Ultimately, you're the one that knows the most about your organizational methods and nuances, so you are the one that should have the loudest voice in the design!

Give DIY Custom Closet designing a try!

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