Custom Closets: Customizing Your Kitchen

If you're like most people, your bedroom closet isn't the only place that could use an organizational overhaul. And since the kitchen is the hub of most homes, it also has the highest potential to get disheveled pretty quickly. Pots and pans get thrown into a cupboard after being washed and dried, kitchen gadgets all get thrown into a drawer, canned and dry goods are overflowing out of your pantry, and don't even mention all the plasticware pieces!

Luckily, most custom closet companies also specialize in organizing other parts of your home, including the kitchen. When considering a custom kitchen, it's important to approach it much like you would your closet. Since the closet company is going to take an inventory of your belongings and make the design to fit that inventory, you want to be sure that you're not paying to organize things you don't need or use. Can't bear to part with that gadget you only use once every 5 years? Set aside an organizational storage piece to stay in your basement or garage to hold these types of gadgets and appliances.

After the initial consultation, the custom closet company will meet with you again to show you some of the design ideas they came up with. Once everyone is agreed on the perfect design, installation of your custom organized kitchen can begin!

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