Do I Need A Custom Closet?

If you're like many fashion-forward men and women, you have spent hours dreaming about a custom closet full of racks, shelves, drawers, cabinets and shoe racks. We don't blame you one bit...but do you really need one? No doubt we all want one, but like most of the aforementioned fashion-forward men and women, you've also got one eye on your wallet. There are some things to really keep in mind when considering the construction of a custom closet in your home or bedroom:

1. How big is my wardrobe? Your closet company is going to take a meticulous inventory of everything you own. This will include clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories, Then, they'll construct your custom closet based on this inventory. Before this takes place, ask yourself: do I really wear all this stuff? You need to do a complete clean-out before the closeters come for their official consultation. Get rid of anything you have not worn in the past year. Look over every shirt, dress, shoe, and undergarment and truly assess if it has a place in your new closet. You might be surprised at how much money (and space!) you'll save by expunging a few things!

2. What else is in my closet? Remember, that as the company is assessing what is in your closet, they will include in their inventory any extras that are currently residing in your closet, such as garment bags or luggage, hats, etc. If there is potentially a better place for these types of items, such as a storage room, attic, basement or another closet, take them out. Huge items are just going to add extra square footage. And frankly, at the end of the project, do you really want to be looking at these kinds of the things? Or would you rather have a great (and more affordable) spread of your wardrobe.

3. What have I really got? Remember, if you're not a big clothes-horse, your money might be better spent on a few organizational updates, rather than a huge full-throttle custom closet. You might not be a big clothes person, but have an extensive collection of shoes. Perhaps you might be interested in custom shoe racks instead of an entire overhaul. If you have an extensive suit collection, but not much by way of other items, you might just be looking for a more organized dual rack to accommodate the jackets and corresponding pants and skirts. Either way, knowing what you really have is the best thing you can do for yourself to save money, time and space before the closet company comes in.

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