How Does the Custom Closet Process Work?

Having a custom closet constructed is a bit of a process, although as any custom closet owner will tell you, it's a process that is surely worth the time and money. Nevertheless, it's important to know exactly how the process goes, so you aren't facing unrealistic expectations of when your closet will be complete.

Step 1: Consultation.

The first thing the company will do is come to do a consultation. During the consultation, the company will take a design assessment, taking an inventory of your belongings, and ask questions about your own expectations. They may take some measurements, and some companies will even do a preliminary sketch to bounce some ideas of you.

Step 2: Design Presentation.

Many companies will come back a second time with some professionally done designs. This is going to a presentation of the work they will actually do, so it's important to truly assess and understand everything they are showing you. Also, if you're reaching the decision about your custom closet with another person, you want to make sure they are there too. Ultimately, what you decide at this meeting is how the closet will look.

Step 3: The waiting period.

This is often where most customers have unrealistic expectations. The waiting period is not a time period just to discourage the anxious and excited client. Rather, the company is meticulously cutting each piece of your new closet, one section at a time. The company, depending on the popularity, may also have a backup of scheduling, thus needing to plan a few weeks out for the actual installation.

Step 4: The Installation.

The company will finally come in to do the work on your closet! It's an exciting time, but also a time where you may want to take some time off, if you have work commitments. The installers may have questions about specifics not yet covered. Also, if you have any particular rules regarding your own home (which bathrooms the staff can use, whether or not they can have a snack of yours), you'll want to make sure you're there. The duration of the installation process all depends on the extent of the closet you agreed upon. A small, organizational shelving system may only take one morning, while a complete design overhaul may take a few days. Make sure you decide with the company ahead of time who will be stocking the closet with your belongings. Some companies do it as a complimentary extra, but some clients prefer to do the organizing themselves.

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