Custom Closets: Customizing Your Basement

Like several other places in your home, your basement has the propensity to become a catch-all for random housewares that are rarely used. As such, the basement often becomes a place to store boxes, storage bins, old clothes, and tools, instead of a functional, usable room.

The best and easiest way to convert your basement from that catch-all to a usable, livable room is to organize all the junk. Custom closet companies are the perfect people to help you with this! Being the expert organizers they are, they are pros when it comes to assessing the mess.

The custom closet company will first assess exactly how much stuff they're dealing with, so as we've said over and over, clean out your junk! Of course, keep what you're using and what means something to you, but get rid of anything unnecessary. You don't want to have to pay to organize stuff you haven't used in 20 years. Next, the company will find the most useful, yet out-of-the-way corner of your basement to situate your custom organizer. This will probably consist of shelving, cubby holes, cabinets, drawers, and if needed, wardrobe racks. Once you're all agreed on the location and the design, the installers should only take a day or two to complete the project and organize your belongings.

And of course, once your custom basement organizational unit is ready to go, you're much closer to having the game room, workshop, bar, play room, or music studio of your dreams!

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